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What better way is there to commemorate life’s milestones than with a homemade quilt treasure?  It is one of my favorite gifts to give friends and family.

This 4th of July my family had the privilege of going to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello to see the annual Naturalization Ceremony they have there to swear in new United States Citizens.  Everyone should go to this ceremony at least once to be reminded of the wonderful things our country stands for.  We sometimes take for granted the freedoms and privileges we have here as Americans.  It is wonderful to see the variety of people choosing to become American citizens.

What was also special was hearing some of the new citizens speak about their journey and what it has meant to them.

One of our family’s friends became a Naturalized Citizen on this day and that was our primary reason for attending the ceremony.  What a wonderful and blessed day it was.

I wanted to give my friend a reminder of her special day that was homemade and just from me.  You can take simple quilt panels and turn them into small wall hangings by adding a sleeve on the back.

Here’s the memento of the day.  It was such fun to make and I hope she will enjoy it as a reminder for years to come.

patriotic quilt - God bless America

Would love to hear about your special quilts and how you came up with the plan for the special remembrance.

Until next project…


Comments on: "Quilts for Special Events" (4)

  1. Denise Hood said:

    I love that patriotic quilt. Makes me want to salute!

  2. Heather said:

    Hi Melinda!
    Your Naturalization Ceremony quilt is wonderful – I know your friend will treasure it!

    No major events in my family recently that call for a big quilt, however, I have been making small door hangers for an aunt who lives in an assisted living facility in So. Calif. I’ve made four so far (one for each season), all from the Patch Abilities company. They are only about 6″ x 20″, which is the perfect size to hang on the outside of her door. I will continue to make more so she can change them often – since they are so small, storage is not a problem. I think my aunt likes them because they give a little individuality to her apartment!

    Keep cool in the Mid-Atlantic summer!

    • What a wonderful idea for someone who is no longer in their home environment. I’m sure she enjoys them and they brighten her space. She definitely needs a whole calendar of them. Aren’t small quilts fun. You feel like you accomplish something in a much shorter period of time. I’m sure she is the envy of those around her. You might make some new friends each time you visit…hoping for their own decorations. Thanks for sharing my friend! Here’s wishing I had some of your Pacific Northwest weather right now. Rain would be most appreciated!

  3. Melinda, this is special, it’s beautiful and I know your friend will cherish it. What a wonderful way to spend Independence Day!

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