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This year was another milestone in our family.  Our daughter graduated from Middle School and will make the trek to High School in late August.  It seems like only yesterday she was just a little one heading off to kindergarten, but I digress.  Each milestone graduation for her, I have made a special remembrance quilt.  Her first one was for graduation from Preschool.  When she graduated from Elementary School, I made a quilt out of the art blocks she made in school all six years.  For her 8th grade graduation this year, she picked out a pattern for a lovely Asian themed quilt that matches her room decor.  The fabric line is Kingyo from Red Rooster Fabrics…pattern can be found at http://www.redroosterfabrics.com/content7590.html

Here’s a photo of the finished quilt.

Abby's graduation quilt from middle school

The special Middle School Graduation Quilt - 2010

It is hard to believe how fast the times flies.  I had better start planning the high school graduation and college quilts now…yikes!  I’m NOT ready for that yet.  Until next time…happy sewing/quilting.  Would love to hear from you.


Comments on: "Life’s Little Milestones" (3)

  1. I agree also, that is so great.

  2. That is a LOVELY quilt. A real ‘grown up’ quilt for a young lady…no more kiddy quilts for her!! I love asian prints too!

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