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A couple months ago my MIL & SIL bought some fabric and asked me to make a quilt for my nephew.  My nephew is an avid bird fan.  The fabric has loons on it which is one of his favorite birds.  They also gave me some bird footprint fabric to use for the backing.  The challenge was what to do to make that special quilt for my nephew.  There wasn’t a lot of extra fabric to play with and the bird fabric was interesting, so I just decided to make a panel quilt with free motion quilting using a some fun multicolored thread.  Here’s the finished quilt.

Benton's Birthday Loon Quilt

"Loons" for Benton's 10th Birthday

Benton’s 10th Birthday is today, August 1, 2010.  I hope he will enjoy the quilt for many years to come.  It is a great way to pass along our craft as a gift for someone we love.

Here’s a close up shot of the quilting…it was good practice for my free motion skills.  I love my Bernina 830 with BSR.  It will have to be the subject of one of my next posts…my family of wonderful sewing/embroidery machines.  Couldn’t live without them 🙂

Close Up Quilting - Loons

Close Up of Quilting - Loons

Until next time…happy sewing & quilting.


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