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I am the very proud owner of the latest top of the line Bernina machine, the Bernina 830.  It is a wonderful sewing and embroidery machine with so many wonderful features, I couldn’t begin to list them all.  Today I was able to attend a TnT Seminar at my local (and favorite) quilt shop/Bernina dealer, Cottonwood here in Charlottesville, VA.  My dealer has many wonderful classes and seminars.  This one was called Embroidery Tips N Techniques (or TnT).  This is the 3rd year I’ve been able to attend this event and have come out of it every year with more and more new things to try.  I purchased my Bernina 830 in November of 2009 and received it a few days before Christmas of that same year.  I am still learning new things and picked up quite a few tips today from the wonderful Bernina educator that lead our seminar.  I really love machine embroidery and there are more and more new designs and projects that come out all the time.  Today we did three projects and each person got to take one home.  My tote bag was a reverse applique design done in the hoop.  See below…I love this tote and got to customize with my initials.

Reverse Applique Tote Bag

Reverse Applique Tote Bag from Emboridery TnT event at Cottonwood 8/12/10

This machine has so many wonderful features and is great for sewing, quilting and embroidery…a jack of all trades.  Here’s a photo of my “baby”.  I also have a Bernina 440 which is a powerhouse for machine piecing and quilting too.  The 830 has a 12″ space between the machine and the needle for those big quilting projects…love that feature!  Ok, I’m not trying to sell these machines just say how much I love mine.

My Bernina 830

My latest and greatest Bernina machine - the new 830

The other two projects were a cut work design on a tote bag and another was a neat paisley design with a monogram.  Lots of fun projects and a day filled with great info & good shopping!

Until next time…happy sewing, quilting & embroidering!


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