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Generational Sewing

I have always hoped my daughter would love to sew as much as I do.  She is a lot more artistic than I will ever be.  She draws and creates designs herself.  She asks if we can make them.  I wish I had more pattern drafting skills.  My skills even at pattern alterations are minimal.  She had an event this weekend that she wanted a new dress for, so we decided to make one together.  She did about 80-85% of the work.  I helped with the zipper and attaching the gathered skirt to the bodice and helped with the fitting issues.  Everything else she did herself.  She picked out the pattern and the fabric herself.  Here she is modeling her creation.

Abby's Sun Dress

Abby's First Dress - She did a great job!

The fitting challenge was the front of the bodice.  Even after matching her measurements to the ones on the pattern envelope, the bodice was way too big and had a large gap.  I decided to mark where it should go and then redraw the edge.   That seemed to work.

Here’s the back view of the dress.

Abby's Sun Dress Back View

Here's the back view of the dress Abby made

We have a few more pattern and fabric combos picked out, so there will be more to come.

Until next time…happy sewing & quilting!


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  1. VERY CUTE! A sweet dress with skulls on it – who would have thought!! Soon, it will be all the rage in high school. Great job Abby!!

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