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A New Era for Our Family

As of tomorrow we officially are the parents of a high school student…yikes!  Where has the time gone?  In the back to school rush and flurry at our house tonight, I wanted to post this photo of my parents’ anniversary quilt with the signatures of our immediate family added.  It was a little scary being the first one to sign the quilt (or maybe my brother did…can’t remember…had my eyes closed).  Once we signed the quilt, it looked good and was the right thing to do.  It was a signature quilt after all.

50th Anniversary Quilt with Signatures

Anniversary Quilt with Signatures

I am currently working on my in-law’s 50th anniversary quilt.  The hardest part was coming up with the idea.  Once that was decided it is starting to move along.  Ok, I only have 2 embroidery squares done, but I have the sashing, border & backing fabrics picked out and purchased.  That should count for something right?  The anniversary is September 10th, so I don’t have a lot of time.  It will be an embroidery quilt with 9 machine embroidery squares.  I hope to make a label with one of their wedding photos if I don’t run out of time.

I am also working fast at finishing my first batch of Little Dresses for Africa so I can get them mailed.  I almost have six of them finished.  My daughter drew shapes for me to applique onto the front of the dresses to give them a little personality.  Hope to post photos soon.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting…


Comments on: "A New Era for Our Family" (3)

  1. Abby is going to RULE THAT SCHOOL. Don’t worry Melinda. The anniversary quilt is beautiful, by the way and I think your idea for the in-laws quilt is terrific… get your hands on an old wedding picture and have it right in the middle. Neat!

  2. I love your 50th quilt! I would have had the same reservations about being the first one to sign it – but you did beautifully!

    I have a question about tying a quilt. I made a Comfort Quilt for my guild (Camano Island Quilters), it is a cute Suzy’s Zoo panel. I thought it would be best to use poly batting since these quilts must be washed often. Well, the batting I chose was really “puffy”, so it seemed a good idea to tie it instead of machine quilt. I bought some lovely soft yellow yarn to use – but the ties came un-tied! I tried another type of yarn with the same results.

    My question is… what kind of yarn is best for tying. As you can guess, I’ve never used that method for quilting before now. I thought it would be so easy! Should I use the tacking stitch on my machine?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated!

    Anxious to see your next 50th Anniversary quilt!

    • I have never tied a quilt before, but Abby did get one as a baby gift. It looked like the quilter used just an acrylic yarn like what you find at WalMart & JoAnn’s. They didn’t do bows, just did a double knot on each and it has survived a few washings. I think the machine tacking idea is a good one, but time consuming. Good luck with it and keep me posted. Anybody else have experience with quilt tying?

      Yikes, first day of school. I’m a wreck…I know my little girl will be fine.

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