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My In-laws’ anniversary is one week away and I almost have the quilt finished.  I just need to create and attach the story label for the back of the quilt.  I found their wedding invitation and am trying to find just the right photo to go with it.  All I have though are photos of the bride and I want to include both of them…I’ll keep looking…not giving up yet.’

This quilt has a definite Celtic theme for my mother-in-law.  It was fun picking out the embroidery designs and stitching them out.  Each quilt is a learning experience and this one was no exception.  I haven’t done an embroidery quilt in so long, I forgot some of the “rules”.  My blocks had some puckering which I think is from making the hoop too tight.  I need hooping lessons 🙂  Yes, I’ve been to many classes and seminars but I think I need a one-on-one, hands on lesson.  The quilting is free-motion with my Bernina BSR…the wonderful 830 was my machine of choice for this project.  It was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to give it to them very soon.

Here it is!

Smith 50th Anniversary Quilt - September 2010

It is a little hard to see the detail in the squares, but you get the overall picture.  The center block is a wreath of interlocked wedding rings with their names & wedding date on it.

Until next time…happy sewing & quilting!


Comments on: "Round Two – 50th Anniversary Quilt" (2)

  1. Hi Melinda!
    The “In-Law 50th” quilt is beautiful! They will be so pleased. You really jumped right into making the second 50th. I envy your energy!
    Can you post a closeup of a couple of the embroidery designs – maybe the center? When will you present it to them?

    Hope you didn’t have any problems with winds from Earl. How did your in-laws do?

    • Once I came up with the plan, I jumped on ahead. I took some close ups last night, but the didn’t turn out well. Will try and post some new ones to my Flikr account (can get to it on from this page). It is really hard to see detail in the “big picture”. I think we’re going to see them Saturday the 11th.

      So far we haven’t heard peep from Earl It has been a beautiful 75-80 degree weather day with sunshine and clear skies…such a relief from the upper 90’s we’ve had all week.

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