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Ok, most of my quilt projects don’t take as long as this one did.  My buddies, Heather and Darlene, will probably remember when I bought this kit.  It was at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show either the first or second year I went with them.  It was when the show was will in Williamsburg Virgina.  I know it has been in Hampton, VA for at least the last 3-4 years.  It was a kit for a small quilt and I bought enough accent fabric to make it into a queen-sized quilt for my guest room.

The piecing didn’t take that long, but once that was done the quilt sat on my shelf for many years in the “top” stage.  I think it was a matter of getting up the courage to machine quilt it due to its large size that kept it on the shelf for so long.  With my Bernina 830, that excuse wasn’t that valid anymore.  I decided I was tired of the store-bought comforter in the guest room and was ready to “finish it up”.

I’ve only been quilting for about 9 – 9 1/2 years now, so I remember the novice days and still make novice mistakes from time to time (more often than I’d like to admit).  I made a big beginner mistake on this quilt that I want to share hopefully to keep others from experiencing my “pain”.    Some of the sashing and borders are on the bias and stretched a bit over the years of sitting on my shelf.   Machine quilting this large beast was difficult due to this stretching, but since it is going to be on a bed and not hung up for display it was a bit more forgiving.  After the quilt was finished, I didn’t notice some of the problem areas I was sure were going to haunt me every time I looked at the quilt.

There isn’t a really good way to get a photo of a quilt this big, so I just put it on the bed and went for it.  This is my favorite of the photos.  The other two views are on my Flikr account if you’re interested in seeing them.

I did free-motion stippling with my trusty BSR all over the quilt with variegated thread (my favorite Superior Threads King Tut).  The binding is sewn on by machine with a buttonhole stitch to match the binding to make the quilt more sturdy for machine washing.

Now I need to find a good coordinating dust ruffle and possibly pillow shams.  Right now the quilt goes over the pillows and works pretty good.

Here it is…the project that took longer than it did for me to attend and graduate from the University of Virginia 🙂

Lighthouse Quilt

Lighthouse Quilt

What to work on next?  Well I’m sure that will be answered for me.  It is time to start on Christmas presents.  I got the new OESD Christmas Embroidery Pack I and can’t wait to get started making the beautiful ornaments for presents.  Funny how I never seem to have any leftovers for my own tree.  Maybe that will change this year.  I can hope, can’t I?

Off to the big 50th anniversary celebration tomorrow.  Abby finished the cake and it looks great.  Will try and post photos of it soon!

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting.


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