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Life has been a bit busy, so I’m falling behind on sharing with you all.  Abby and Casey created a 2nd 50th anniversary cake for my in-laws and did a great job.  This cake was also three layers and had two yellow layers and a french vanilla layer.  It was iced with chocolate decorator icing and white accent icing.  It was quite tasty as you’ll see below.  Here’s the cake before the cake topper was added.

Smith 50th Anniversary Cake

The 2nd 50th Anniversary Cake before topper is added

My sister-in-law had the 50th wedding anniversary topper that one of her aunts had made for my husband’s grandparent’s 50th anniversary.  We used this topper on Abby’s cake for the celebration.  Here’s a photo of the finished cake ready for enjoying!

Smith 50th Anniversary Cake with Topper

50th Anniversary Cake with Handmade Topper

As usual, Abby and Casey made a very tasty cake.  It was enjoyed by all.  If you’d like to see more anniversary photos, check out my Flikr  photo stream on this page.  We had a great time and my in-laws liked their anniversary quilt.  Yea!  Another celebration quilt success!

Just to show you how much the cake was enjoyed…here’s another of our half eaten cake photos.  Wish I had a piece now…

Half Eaten Smith 50th Anniversary Cake

Half Eaten Smith 50th Anniversary Cake

Until next time, happy sewing, quilting & eating!


Comments on: "50th Anniversary Cake – 2nd Round" (1)

  1. Terrific job! Makes me hungry just looking at it 🙂

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