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I absolutely love Christmas embroidery projects.   They make such unique gifts.  This year is no exception.  I found this great design (actually it is an eight-piece design) at Oklahoma Embroidery Supply & Design.  It is a gorgeous free standing lace church.  You can put an electric or battery operated tea light inside when finished to illuminate.  I made this church as a present for my mom and gave to her when she visited this week.  Here is a side version so you can see the depth of the design.  It took quite a while to assemble all the button-holes and eyelets, but it was worth it.

Free Standing Lace Church - OESD

Free Standing Lace Church - OESD

There are seven pieces in the design and you stitch the side twice for a total of eight.  Each piece took over an hour to stitch out and includes applique.  There is even snow on the roof.  The intricate detail in this design is wonderful and well worth the 8+ hours it took to stitch out and assemble.  Next I am hoping to do one for my mantel (and hopefully this year).

Here’s a front straight on shot so you can see some of the front door detail–even down to the front door handles.

Free Standing Lace Church - Front View

Free Standing Lace Church - Front View

Next I stitched out some of the designs from the OESD Christmas Collection 1 from 2010.  More beautiful free standing lace ornaments.  Here are five of the designs that are flat.  The other designs in the collection are 3-D and beautiful also.

OESD Christmas Ornaments 2010

OESD Christmas Ornaments 2010

The great thing about having my Bernina 830 is these designs stitch out super fast while I can sew and quilt on my Bernina 440.   I just love multitasking 🙂

The designs I hope to stitch out next are from collection 2 from 2010 and are stitch and turn ornaments.  They are so cute.  I’m not sure where to start.

I have photographed my finished tree skirt which is now under my Christmas tree and hope to post that photo & story soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn’t stuff themselves too much with turkey & fixings like I did.  I want to share a great recipe I tried this year from BettyCrocker.com

Pumpkin Dessert Squares

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting…


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