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The batik tree skirt is finally finished and under our Christmas tree.  I had made this pattern several years ago in reds & greens and gave to my sis-in-law.  I decided I liked the pattern enough to make a 2nd one for myself.  Very seldom do I make a pattern more than once…just out of boredom I guess.  It isn’t totally made out of batik fabrics but primarily.

Here’s the finished “skirt” under our tree.

Batik Heaven's Light Tree Skirt

I believe I originally ordered the pattern from Nancy’s Notions, but I’m sure you can Google it and find it fairly easily–it is officially called Heaven’s Light Tree Skirt or Table Topper.  It has a bit of cutting involved, but the piecing and construction are fairly simple.  It was a fun project if I hadn’t cut myself when getting the pieces ready to assemble.  I might have made it in a season instead of a couple of years if that were the case.

It has been a nice Thanksgiving week/weekend and I’ve tried to get some sewing and embroidery done.  I am finishing the last piece to my own free-standing lace Christmas church.  If my machine would stop thread breakage.  It always happens on the last piece or when you are one a time deadline.  Oh well, back to re-thread and start the machine again.  Ok, so the thread didn’t break this time…I ran out of bobbin.  With my wonderful Bernina 830, that doesn’t happen very often.  These bobbins hold about 40% more thread than the average bobbin (OK I have to brag a little–it is such an awesome machine even after almost 2 years).  It is one of the features I absolutely love.  Unfortunately I’ve already “lost” the multi-function tool for my 830 which I use to unclog thread when it does break.  I think my sweet little kitty, Snowy, must have knocked it off the table and possibly into last week’s trash…bummer.  I don’t think it will be too expensive to replace…just hope my dealer has it in stock.

Next project will be either some more embroidery ornaments or quilting Poinsettia Party Poppers.

Until next time…happy sewing & quilting!


Comments on: "Heaven’s Light Batik Tree Skirt" (2)

  1. Really lovely tree skirt Melinda! Hope you have had a nice holiday weekend and great Thanksgiving! I did, with all the family (that’s here) and have been sewing today. Yesterday I cut out 7 blocks X 3 for my 3 Granddaughters that are graduating high school this Spring. I know 2 are going to college, not sure about Brianna (she lives with her Mom in Las Vegas). I’m working on Zacc’s wedding signature block quilt, waiting for him to email the music he wrote for Samantha’s processional. They didn’t want photos so I thought of the music for the center piece of the quilt.
    Isn’t it nice to have a few days to do what you want?! Happy quilting!

    • Oh, wow 3 granddaughter’s graduating the same year. I had a hard enough time with one graduation quilt. I’d love to see the finished products. You have so many big events in your family…I couldn’t keep up. Would love to see the wedding signature quilt too…always looking for good ideas. I know it is way, way too early to start planning Abby’s wedding quilt (or High School graduation quilt for that matter). It is so nice to have a weekend without all the craziness to do some sewing. I didn’t even leave the house to shop just once. As a result I have/had a dead battery on my van. We charged it up today and hope it holds for Monday. I really have to get back to work this week, sigh. I could stay home and quilt for a really long time and not get tired of it 🙂

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