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Comfort Quilt for a Friend

Not only are quilts good for milestones and special events, they can help give comfort in time of grief, illness or need.  When I hear of a friend in need or going through an illness or something similar, I think a quilt is like a hug when they need it.  I originally bought this small kit (just included the pattern and the fat quarter of printed fabric) to make the quilt at a quilt show several years back.  The quilt pattern is “Comfort of the Psalms” and was designed for Block Party Studios which is know for their “sayings” quilts.  I knew the right time and place would come for this quilt.

I have a dear friend who just went through surgery and an illness and will be undergoing treatments.  I thought this quilt would be a good comfort for her and her family.  The entire family is very musical, so I picked a fabric line with a great music theme.  The fabric line is “Play Your Song” designed by Tara Reed for South Sea Imports.  The finished quilt is 39″ x 48″.    There are ten Psalms designed to give comfort on the pre-printed blocks.

There was a lot of cutting involved in this quilt, but it was fun to piece and watch come together.  The directions were for a “quilt as you go”, but I did it the traditional way that I’m familiar with.

I gave the quilt to my friend a few days after her surgery and I hope it gives her much enjoyment through her recovery.

Here’s the finished quilt – Musical Comfort of the Psalms.

Musical Comfort of the Psalms

Musical Comfort of the Psalms

Some of the blocks I tried to fussy cut a bit, but most of the blocks were random and worked out well.  I did the quilting by machine on my Bernina 830 using the BSR with a gold variegated embroidery thread.  It is sort of hard to see the details, but you get the overall picture.

Here’s a link to the designer’s website where you can see the fabrics a little closer and some neat patterns using the fabric line.


My daughter and I were sewing a skirt for her last night.  I hope to post it soon, but I promised her I wouldn’t until she gets to wear it in public.  She wants to make a black blouse to go with it first.  It is really cute, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting!


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  1. Melinda,
    Thanks for the mention in your blog! We have tons of other scripture panels, too, including a new one that’s all healing verses, Called Prayer Shawl Panel.

    • Thanks for posting. I love your panels and hope to make many more of your quilts. I try and check out your website once in a while since the Mid-Atlantic Quilt show I attend is once a year. Keep up the encouraging themes!

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