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OK, I thought life would settle down after Christmas and I’d start the New Year all organized and sane…well that definitely didn’t happen.  I have finally gotten around to sharing one of my latest projects.  My dear friend that was diagnosed with cancer this fall (who I made the Musical Comfort of the Psalms quilt for) is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  She found our local cancer center really needs chemo caps that are sewn.  They seem to have plenty  knitted ones.  I found a pattern to make one fairly similar to the sample she was given from the center.  We are hoping to get the seamstresses from our church involved in making a bunch of these so folks undergoing treatments have a nice cap to make them feel special during their treatments (and to keep their heads warm in the winter).

Here’s a photo of the first (hopefully of many) one I made.  It is fun to pick out bright and interesting fabrics to make these caps.  The pattern uses 1/3 yard of two contrasting fabrics.  The caps are reversible.

Sewing Chemo Cap

See what fun fabrics you can use to make the hats cheerful and fun?  The ties are in the back so you can adjust the fit for comfort.

Here’s the link to the pattern I found on-line to make the caps.  There are many, many different patterns out there and they can be made of cotton, fleece, flannel…anything that is comfortable since the scalp can be very sensitive.


Here’s a photo of the back of the cap so you can see the shape.  The pattern is not difficult to make and goes together in less than an hour.

Chemo Cap Back View

If anybody is in the local Charlottesville, Virginia area and would like to join our sewing cause, please get in touch.  I’d be happy to get your hats to our local cancer center for distribution.  I am hoping to get a small group together at our church to work on and teach those who are interested how to make them.

My friend just started a blog about her experiences/journey with cancer.  Please check it out.  Very few people these days aren’t touched by cancer in some way or the other.


Hopefully soon I will post the fun machine embroidery Christmas ornaments I finally got finished this year and gave as gifts.  Hopefully life will settle down soon and I can get back to my sewing and blogging of course.  I sure miss it…it feeds the soul.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting!


Comments on: "Sewing for Cancer – Chemo Caps" (2)

  1. Very nice. I love the fabrics you chose. Terrific idea and a sweet way to make a tough thing a little easier.

    • Thanks. It has really caught on. I have about 6-7 people already inquiring about making caps for the center. We may have 50 or more before we’re done.

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