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Embroidery Greeting Cards

I have wanted to try machine embroidery on card stock for a long time, but haven’t gotten up the nerve.  I’ve seen many projects using this technique but lacked some of the basic knowledge needed to be successful.  My favorite sewing/quilt shop, Cottonwood in Charlottesville, VA has started one of the Bernina virtual clubs this year.  All About ME (ME being machine embroidery).  This month’s project was stitching greeting cards.  Unfortunately the day of the class, I had to take my Bernina 830 in for its annual service and didn’t get a chance to try the project for almost a week.  I finally had all the materials and was ready to start.  Some of the key elements are needle size, machine speed, stabilizer and thread tension.  With all the right “tools and tricks” in place, I made 6 cards this weekend to send to family members for Valentine’s Day.  The stitching went very, very well.  The hard part was taking what I had stitched and turning them into cards.  Instead of stitching directly on card stock that would become the card, I used mat stacks which were exactly the size of my embroidery card designs.  For the designs I used a couple of OESD designs for Valentine’s Cards.  I stitched them out in different color schemes so each card would be unique.  Then I glued the stitched card onto card stock and then decorated the insides.

Here’s a photo of the first three.

Embroidery Valentine's Day Cards I

Embroidery Valentine's Day Cards I

Just altering the thread colors and the background paper can make a whole new card design.  It was fun to use paper punches and different color card stock to make unique cards for people.

Here’s the photo of the last three designs.

Embroidery Valentine's Day Cards II

Embroidery Valentine's Day Cards II

I used a size 65 machine embroidery needle (a larger needle would perforate the paper and possibly ruin the design), regular embroidery bobbin thread, Isacord thread in the top, half speed stitch-out and lowered the thread tension to 1.5.  All these elements made for success on all 6 of the cards.  I embroidered on heavy-weight tear away stabilizer and used spray adhesive to keep the card from shifting during stitch-out.

While these projects took a little more time than going to the store and just buying cards, they are unique gifts that hopefully will make the recipients smile and feel special.  The designs I have also include anniversary, baby, get well, Mother’s Day and many more.  The possibilities are endless.  Can’t wait to create more cards.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting…


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