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I found the kit to make this great colorful quilt on a recent quilt tour.  I have the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson Designs and have made it several times (think this is the third time already).  The front isn’t flannel, but the backing is a cozy flannel floral print.  This quilt has two purposes…liven up the drab old couch in our living room and warming us up in the cold autumn/winter evenings ahead.  We have already gotten good use from it.

This quilt was a challenge on the frame.  Not that it was a difficult quilt.  I used a Greek key pattern and quilted it a row at a time using a Superior Threads King Tut matching thread.

Here’s a photo of the finished quilt.

Floral Flannel Yellow Brick Road Quilt

Floral Flannel Yellow Brick Road Quilt

Now for the challenges along the way.  The first few rows stitched out perfectly.  Then near the end (I believe it was one from up from the bottom), the machine started stitching over itself and the pattern wasn’t looking right.  In horror, I stopped the machine and investigated.  The stitching over itself was very tight and was a nightmare to remove after taking the quilt off the frame.  My wonderful husband figured out the problem.  The belt inside the platform had come off.  He was able to get it back on without having to take the machine or the quilt off the frame.  That was my big worry.  Then I tried so hard to remove the bad stitching.  A few places I had to just leave it and say “the quilt is for keeping and not giving away, so it will be OK”.  That is very hard for a perfectionist to say.  I was able to align the pattern back fairly close and finish the quilt.

Here’s a close-up of the quilt design block.  Love these colors!

Floral Flannel Block Close Up

Floral Flannel Block Close Up

This was the most frustrating experience on the quilt frame yet, but the quilt turned out nicely and has been used more than many of my other more “perfect” quilts.

Until next time…happy sewing & quilting!



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