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Baby quilts are the most fun projects and fit perfectly on the Bernina quilt frame.  This project was a panel quilt, so I just divided the whole panel into rows of the same “block” size and did a pantograph for each row alternating patterns.  This quilt was for my daughter’s music teacher who had his first child late summer of 2011.  The panel had divisions like block-sizes, so it was easy to determine row height and block width.

Here’s the first photo of the quilt.

Baby Panel Quilt

Full Baby Panel Quilt

Here is a close up.  The pattern is a continuous line ducky pattern for one row and hearts intertwined for the alternating row.

Baby Quilt Block Close Up

Baby Quilt Block Close Up

I used my favorite King Tut thread for the project.  I had only a few breakage issues and no mechanical issues with this quilt.  A definite positive experience, and I was very happy with how the quilt turned out.

Here is a close up of the back of the quilt so you can see more details of the ducky and heart block patterns I used.

As a bonus gift to the parents, I made this cute “Future Saxophone Player” bib for the new baby.  These custom bibs are a big hit with new parents.  Bibs are really easy to embroider on.  It just takes some embroidery software and the right designs & lettering options to create a unique and personal gift for the new baby and parents.   Since the bibs are terry cloth, I used a water soluble stabilizer on top of the bib so the design didn’t sink in.  I used a soft cut away stabilizer on the back and Isacord & Mettler embroidery thread.

Future Sax Player Bib

Future Sax Player Bib

I have had a hard time sitting down and getting these projects posted, so I apologize for that.  With the holidays behind us and a brand New Year, I hope to get caught up on sharing my projects and successes & failures with you.

Until next time, happy sewing and quilting…



Comments on: "Another Quilt Motion Bernina 830 Quilt Frame Project – Baby Quilt" (2)

  1. Beautiful!! Any chance you still know where the fabric was from?? This would be perfect for my cousin’s first baby

    • I’m pretty sure I ordered it from Fabric.com, but unfortunately it has been over 5 years so it probably isn’t available. I don’t remember the designer. I might have gotten it at a quilt show too. Sorry I can’t be of more help. You might want to browse Ebay or Etsy to see if there are similar panels. I do love the colors. Good luck in your quest!


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