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Thanks to my Bernina quilt frame and Quilt Motion, I was able to finish the Poinsettia Party Poppers Quilt I posted a while back.  It is a small quilt, so I decided to go with an intricate pattern from the Quilt Motion library.  Next time even with a small quilt, I won’t pick a design so dense and time-consuming to stitch out.  With all the colors and fabric patterns in the quilt, the intricate block quilting pattern was lost in the shuffle.  I am very happy with the quilt and learned a lot from the experience.  Hope to share some of my mistakes here for others to learn by.

Here’s the finished quilt.

Finished Poinsettia Party Poppers Quilt

Finished Poinsettia Party Poppers Quilt

I had to experiment with several threads before I found one that worked well, looked good and didn’t break every five minutes. I find my Bernina 830 is very hard to re-thread while on the frame and hooked up to the laptop with Quilt Motion.  Maybe it would be easier if I were taller or had a step stool.

The stitching took a really long time because of the dense pattern I chose for the quilting.  I had a mess up on one of the rows and had to retrace the stitching backwards which took a really long time.  The rest of the quilt went pretty smoothly until the last row.  I thought I had been very careful setting up my “safe area” for stitching.  I must not have because the machine would stop and cut the threads about 1″ from the top of the block all the way across.  I realized this about halfway into stitching the row and just let it continue this way rather than stopping and re-positioning everything and not being sure it would line up correctly.  Chalk that up to a learning experience…always make sure your safe zones are correct.  Once I finished the quilt, I just did a little free-motion quilting in the empty space and you can’t tell the difference (well unless you get really close).

Here’s a block close up photo.  It is hard to see the pattern, but you see it a little bit.

Poinsettia Block Close Up

Poinsettia Block Close Up

It was nice having a new Christmas quilt to display this year.  I’m hoping to get another project on the frame soon.  I have two block-of-the-month projects I’m working on plus a T-Shirt Quilt class I am taking from Quilt University on-line.  I guess I need to have more time to quilt…wishful thinking right?

Until next time, happy sewing, quilting & embroidering…



Comments on: "Poinsettia Party Poppers Quilt Finished" (2)

  1. Melinda, it turned out really nice! Have you ever watched the longarm quilters pull the thread through to re-thread? They cut the thread at the back, by the spool, tie the new thread on and pull it through the thread path to the needle! There are tons of longarm quilt how-tos on YouTube. Lots of tips. Glad you are getting the opportunity to have fun with your 830!

    • Great tip Lori. Thanks for sharing. I am still very, very new at this. Each project is a lesson. Maybe I’ll be able to do this for hire someday, but for now it is so much fun experimenting.

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