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Sweet Sixteen Quilt

My only niece turned Sweet Sixteen back in October.  She has a beach theme to her room, so I wanted to make her a special wall hanging quilt to celebrate the milestone birthday.  I had my brother photograph her wall color and a few accent pieces in her room so I could make sure the quilt fit the decor.  I found a design pack of machine embroidery applique designs with a beach and seashell theme.  Unfortunately, I forgot the company name I got the designs from…they are buried somewhere here in my sewing room/home office.  There were five designs, so I alternated them with seashell fabric blocks.  Here’s the finished quilt.

Seashell Sweet Sixteen Quilt

Seashell Sweet Sixteen Quilt

It was a lot of fun sewing this quilt and I hope she gets enjoyment out of it for many years.  I did ditch quilting around the blocks and free motion in the sashing and border with a coordinating thread.  Here’s a block close up of the quilt.

Seashell Block Close Up

Seashell Block Close Up

I really, really want to get a quilt on the Bernina quilt frame, and that will be my next task once my 830 gets home from its annual cleaning and service.  I am getting a huge pile of quilt tops that are awaiting the frame.  I really need to get busy.

My Bernina dealer mentioned to me there will be an upgrade to the Quilt Motion software coming out soon.  Unfortunately she didn’t have a lot of information, but I will share that when I hear.  I believe there is a training session for the dealers in April.  Can’t wait to see what they come out with. I would love, love to be able to take embroidery designs from the Bernina software and export them to Quilt Motion to use as designs for quilts.

I hope to share with you my newest venture.  I took an on-line t-shirt quilt class from Quilt University.  If you have never taken one of their on-line classes, they are very informative and a lot of fun.  You get to go at your own pace and post photos to a class gallery and have an on-line discussion/chat with the instructor and other class attendees. I highly recommend it.  They have classes of all types and skill levels.  My t-shirt quilt turned out very nicely and, it is so large I could only finish it on the quilt frame.

Until next time…happy sewing & quilting!



Comments on: "Sweet Sixteen Quilt" (2)

  1. Dorene Morales said:

    actually…there is a way to use .exp files with quilt motion. It involves the Cutwork software. Go to the Yahoo Group for quilt motion and directions are in the files section.

    Great quilts by the way. Dorene in Cincinnati

    • Thanks Dorene…that is great information. I don’t currently have the Cutwork tool or software (yet). It is high on my wish list once I get the frame paid off 🙂 Thanks for the instruction. I’ll head to the Yahoo group for more info. Thanks for sharing!


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