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I have always wanted to do a block of the month quilt.  They look really interesting and fun to watch it grow each month.  I have the book , The Quilter’s Home – Spring by Lois Krushina Fletcher that I wanted to turn into a BOM quilt.  There are 12 blocks, so perfect right?  That was three years ago.  I have made the Fall and Winter versions of her quilts and they are beautiful.  They are a mix if applique, paper piecing and traditional piecing.  I did the first block in January, then it went downhill from there.  I picked the project back up this year and decided not to do one block a month,  and I’m on block #9 right now.  I will post photos another day, but I digress.

I received an email message about the website Craftsy.com  If you haven’t heard of it, you need to check it out.  They offer a lot of information on a lot of different crafts.   They offering a wide variety of on-line classes.  I have taken on-line quilt classes from Quilt University before and really enjoyed them.  Craftsy is now offering a free block of the month class as an introduction to their classes.  The class is in a video format.  You watch the teacher make the blocks via video and you are able to print out the instructions, post photos of your own blocks and ask questions in the forum (and pause the video as you go along).  I love, love this method of taking classes.

Here’s the link to the page with the class taught by Amy Gibson.  She is a very good teacher and gives a variety of techniques for completing blocks.  I’ve finished January, February and March and can’t wait for the April lesson to be posted on the 1st.


The project requires 4 yards of a background fabric and a fat quarter bundle (about 35 fat quarters).  You can definitely use scraps from your stash, but I wanted to get a bundle so my blocks would coordinate.  I bought Kona White for the background and found a really good deal on an Amelia by Moda Three Sisters fat quarter pack.  The fabrics are fun and I’m excited to see the final quilt.

Each month you get the instructions to make two blocks.  January’s blocks are the Asterisk Block and the Wonky Pound Sign Block.  They both involve slashing fabrics and adding pieces in between.  That was scary for me, but I love how the blocks turn out.

"The Asterisk and The Wonky Pound Sign"

The Asterisk and The Wonky Pound Sign

February’s blocks used half-square triangles and we were shown two different techniques for making them.  Below are the Balkan Puzzle Block and the Chunky Chevron Block.

"The Balkan Puzzle Block & The Chunky Chevron Block"

The Balkan Puzzle Block & The Chunky Chevron Block

March showed us how to make foundation pieced blocks.  I had heard of a “string” block, but never really knew what it meant.  I thought you used string somehow…boy was I wrong.  The “string” referred to are the small strips of fabric you use to add onto the block.  These small pieces of fabric were usually too small to be used in a traditional block.  March’s blocks are the String Block and the Broken Spider Web.  These were the most fun for me and I made them very scrappy instead of trying to be uniform which is really “out of the box” for me.  You vary the widths of the strips and they are not supposed to line up (more struggle for me).

"The String Block & The Broken Spider Web Block"

The String Block & The Broken Spider Web Block

I wanted to share this program because it is free and it has been so much fun.  I really like the format of these classes and hope to take more in the future.

Now to dream about the future of how I’m going to quilt this on my frame?  Should be interesting.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,



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