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Baby’s Comfort Blanket

One of my co-workers recently had a baby.  For her gift I told her I’d make whatever type of quilt/wall-hanging or such she would like for her new little girl.  She asked me to make a small square comfort blanket for her little one to hold and carry around.  It came to me that a fun way to make this would be to use a charm square pack and make a patchwork quilt for the baby.  A 5 x 5 grid wasn’t big enough for my taste so I made it 6 x 6.  There weren’t enough charm squares in the pack, but luckily I had a leftover pack that was similar and used a couple squares from a different Moda fabric line.

My friend really liked one of the Moda charm packs I had in my stash and I picked a bright yellow fabric for the backing.  Just to add to the durability, I made the quilt without a binding and sewed the top, back and batting together and turned it right side-out.  I know there is a formal term for this type of quilt, but it is escaping me at the moment…it is late OK and it was a hard day at work.

For the quilting I just started a diagonal line of stitching then did grid quilting.  I think this was a nice way to keep it durable and not detract from the fun charm squares.  This was such a good idea, I hope to make it for the next baby that I want to sew for.  I love these colors.  I have so, so many charm packs & jelly rolls in my stash…yea I finally used one!

"Baby Comfort Quilt"

Baby Comfort Quilt

The baby’s mom decided to hang it up until the baby is old enough to use it.  In making it as a comfort quilt I didn’t add a hanging sleeve so she had to use clips to hang the quilt.

I wanted to embroider a baby card for her, so I found one I hadn’t done yet and tried it out.  It stitched out fine and here’s the finished card front.

"Girl Embroidery Baby Card"

Girl Embroidery Baby Card

I still have not gotten my QuiltMotion board upgrade finished on my frame.  I have not gotten the quilting planned for my t-shirt quilt either.  Time is running out.  I must make time THIS weekend!

Until next time…happy sewing & quilting,



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