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Baby Gifts – Part II

This is a follow up post to my Baby Comfort Quilts post.  It wasn’t supposed to be a follow up, but part of the post.  As I get older things flee from my brain faster.  That definitely was the case with this project.  Another part of the baby gift to my co-worker that I made the comfort quilt for were these custom machine embroidery bibs.  I think these are such fun to make.  Actually only one of them was “custom”.  The others were designs from Embroidery Library.  I love the cool designs from this company and have purchased, many of them for my design collection.  They are high-quality, creative designs that are very affordable.  I bought this collection of designs for bibs called “Baby’s 1sts”.

"Baby's First Bibs"

Baby's First Bibs

The custom design was specifically for the mom (my co-worker).  She is a photographer so I thought a “Mom’s ‘Lil Photography Assistant” bib would be fun for her.  I got the “theme” design from OESD’s website.  It was the cutest baby photographer design I could find.

"Mom's 'Lil Photography Assistant Bib"

Mom's 'Lil Photography Assistant Bib

I’ve done several of these custom bibs over the past few years.  I try to pick a hobby or occupation of one of the parents and focus that on the bib.  I’ve done Future Banjo Player, ‘Lil Landscape Architect, Future Sax Player and this one Mom’s ‘Lil Photography Assistant.  I hope to do many in the future.  I  find a cute design revolving around the “theme” and add the lettering with my Bernina Designer Plus V. 6 software.  Love this software and am very glad to have it in my bag of tricks.

I just wanted to share this project before it became too far from my conscious thoughts to be remembered.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting…


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