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I wanted to share these two new April blocks of the month from my Craftsy.com on-line class before April becomes too distant.  I am loving this class.  So many of the techniques are ones I haven’t tried before.  I just watched the May lesson and boy it is definitely out of my comfort zone.  The two blocks for May are log-cabin variations.  They are modern blocks and are called improvisational.  Wow, that will really stretch the measure, cut and everything is even and symmetrical side of my personality.  Whee, that should be fun, but I get ahead of myself.

The April blocks use English Paper Piecing to make hexagons.  One of the blocks I did entirely by hand which is really out of the ordinary for me.  I’m a machine girl…go as fast as you can.  It was relaxing and fun to do a block by hand.  The first block “Hexi Stripe” block was done completely by hand.  The second block “Sunny With a Chance of Hex”, the hexagons were by hand, but I machine stitched them down to the block.  Both were fun blocks to make.  My fat quarter bundle didn’t have any yellow or orange fabrics in it, so I went with a pink sun.   I really like English paper piecing…even the cutting out of paper templates which I thought would be boring.

I really love this class and look forward each month to the new installment.  Amy Gibson is a wonderful teacher and I love the techniques she shares.  I’m so glad I found Craftsy.  I am also taking Peggy Martin’s Quick Strip Paper Piecing on-line class too.  This was a paid class and in my opinion worth every penny.  It is nice to be able to watch the lessons when you want and how often you want and within no time frame.  Fits my schedule fine.  I can’t decided which of the paper-pieced quilts to start with.  They are all so beautiful.  I’m trying to wait until I’ve watched all the lessons to decide.  I may just make one block from each quilt just to see how they turn out.

So, sorry for the wait…this was supposed to be a short post.  Here are the April Blocks of the Month.  I can’t see how all these blocks are going to turn into a quilt, but I’m sure that is the cool part of the process.  Hopefully I’ll get to make the May blocks soon – Modern Log Cabin and Wonky 5-Sided Log Cabin.  Can’t wait.

"Hexi Stripe & Sunny with a Chance of Hex"

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,



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