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Batik Stacked Rails

I finally made it around to piecing yet another top of a quilt kit I bought at one of those fun quilt shows.  This kit was really a bargain and I loved the colors, so of course who can resist that?  The next few weeks until school is out are going to be crazy, so I wanted to share this top before forgetting completely about it in the early summer rush of activity.  I have to credit my daughter with the layout for this kit.  The directions said you could follow one of the included layouts of which there were none.  There was a photo of the quilt (partial) so you could get the idea of how it was supposed to look.  I turned her loose and went with what she came up with.  As usual her good eye for design helped me out.  A couple of my quilts are team efforts…sometimes I need a fresh young eye.

Here’s the top.

"Batik Stacked Rails"

Now to plan the quilting.  I’m still considering a reserving a week this summer for nothing but putting these finished tops on my quilt frame and having a marathon quilt finishing session.   I may even invited a few friends that want a frame down the road to come do some test driving and see what Quilt Motion can do.   I know it will feel good at the end and most likely be fun doing, but finding the time is the big challenge.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting!



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