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August Blocks of the Month

I did pretty well this month even though the blocks had a lot of cutting and piecing.  Both were blocks I had not attempted before and they were fun even with all the little pieces to match up.  The hardest part was picking which fat quarters from my bundle I wanted to use.  I’m trying to save as many “whole” fat quarters for other projects and use up pieces of ones I didn’t finish in previous months blocks.

The first block is “Ohio Star Block”.  It is a traditional block using quarter square triangles made from half square triangles.  I fussy cut the center of the block just to add some interest.  Here are both blocks…Ohio on the left, Double Star on the right.

"August Blocks of the Month"

The second block is the “Double Star Block” and had a lot of flying geese units to cut and assemble.  There were several different techniques for the quarter square triangles and the flying geese, but I stuck to the ones outlined in the instructions.  I don’t have a flying geese (or goose) template.  The instructor emphasized you need a lot of contrast between the three fat quarters you use in this block.  I think mine came out OK.  I was happy with all the seams matching up.

The hardest part about the Double Star block was getting it to lay flat once it was pieced.  There are so many seams.  I tried pressing with a good deal of pressure without distorting the block.

I think next month is curved piecing which I’ve never done.  A little nervous about it, but I was once a garment sewer, so piece of cake right?  No harder than sewing in a set-in sleeve.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting…



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