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OK, yes I’m stuck on blocks of the month this year.  This wasn’t actually a block of the month project, but it had twelve distinct blocks, so why not call it that right?  I have all four patterns in this series.  I have completed the Winter and Fall quilt and the blocks are done for Spring.  The Summer quilt is just a bunch of fabric in a bag with the pattern printed out, but I’ll get there eventually.  This post is mostly a photo blog.  The blocks speak for themselves.  They are from the book “The Quilters Home:  Spring” by Lois Krushina Fletcher.  I love these quilts.  They are a mix of applique, traditional and paper piecing.  You can add fun embellishments like buttons and whatever.  Just going to get to the blocks and stop writing for a change.  It was so much fun picking out these fabrics…it wasn’t overnight.  I searched high and low for many of them.

I’ll start with the center three blocks.

"Spring Quilt Center Blocks"

"Spring Basket and Iris"

"Butterfly, Tulips & Flowers"

There are more, but I just posted my favorites.  The blocks are actually pieced into the top and the borders added, so I’ll post the entire quilt top once I enlist some helpers to hold it up for me.  It is pretty large and needs some helpers for a good photo.  The flowers in the above block will have cute yellow button centers once the quilt is finished.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting…



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