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Charity Quilt #4 Done

I finished my 4th Bright Stars charity quilt this past weekend and have moved on to the next project.  I’m getting a little behind with sharing, so here goes.  I had a few issues with the quilting on this final quilt, but I think it was because I was rushing to get to the end and start the next project.  I tried a few more new to me free-motion stitches.  We I should say I attempted them, and then some of them became my own creation.  I quilted around the motifs in the panel first which was the easy part, then I stippled around the sky and background parts.  This panel had a few small borders that I thought would be good to practice some of my new skills.  Well I should have practiced on a “sandwich” first, but I tend to be very impatient.  I still am happy with how the quilt came out, but I’ll share a few of my trials so maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

I thought it would be nice to do a string of pearls in the narrow border.  Ok, free-motion stitching a good circle was a lot harder than I imagined.  Leah Day on my Craftsy.com class made it look so easy.  Yes, I know, she’s an expert and has done it a lot.  I gave myself a break and just did arcs along the border.  If you don’t count the first wobbly circle, the border looks pretty good.  Then I decided to try river path in the large borders.  My mistake was using red thread on red fabric.  I couldn’t see where I was going…especially when quilting away from myself.  To top it off, I ran over one of my basting pins and bent my needle.  In the same few minutes, I spilled my container of basting pins, not once, but twice.  You would think I would have given up and came back to it later, but I can be pretty stubborn…especially nearing the end of a project.

Here’s Bright Stars quilt #4.  I just hope the kids getting these quilts enjoy them.  It was a good practice for my new free-motion stitches I’ve learned.  I need lots of practice, so I do find myself going back to my old stand by of stippling.

"Bright Stars Quilt #4"

Here’s a close up of the quilting.

"Bright Stars Quilt #4 Close Up"

Here’s a photo of some echo quilting around the sunflowers…this was fun.

"Bright Stars Quilt #4 Echo Quilting"

I’ve already started and finished my prayer quilt and have turned it over to a friend who is going to machine stitch ribbons on the blocks to make it an official prayer quilt. I don’t want to post that project until the quilt has been delivered to its recipient, but that will be soon I hope.  I just took 120 charm squares (including the Prayer Shawl blocks from Block Party Studios…love their stuff) and sewed them into rows.  It made a nice lap quilt size.  Ok, I’m giving too much away.  I’ll save it for the next post.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,



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