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Prom 2013 – The Dress

Last fall my daughter designed her own prom dress based on a cute violin purse my mother-in-law gave her.  We were in a fabric store and she found the perfect fabric.  That was months ago.  Prom was last night, so I’m allowed to post her story.  She started with a basic strapless bodice pattern and full gathered skirt.  I helped a little but she did most of the work.  It was her creation.  She made a prototype out of basic satin fabric that was about the same weight and feel of her fabric.  Since the test garment fit, she cut out the “real” dress.  After finishing the red strapless part of the dress and trying to get the perfect fit to the bodice, we made the black tulle over skirt and the black lace sash.  I think the dress turned out beautifully.  Here’s the dress on the form.

"Finished Prom Dress"

Then here’s my grown up daughter going to her first prom in a dress she designed and made.

"The Big Night"

Here’s the handsome couple.  Oh, I remember when she was little and I made us dresses to match.  The time sure does fly.  Wow, I couldn’t walk or drive in those shoes.  She rocks!

"Prom Night 2013"

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,



Comments on: "Prom 2013 – The Dress" (2)

  1. BEAUTIFUL . . . the dress AND your daughter! You must be so proud! 🙂

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