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College Bound

Just a quick note (yes I promised to post about my latest quilt frame adventure but just haven’t gotten it all together yet) to say congratulations to my daughter for getting accepted early action to James Madison University.  We’re very proud of her.  Next step she auditions for the music school in February.   In honor of her acceptance, I’ve started knitting scarves in purple and gold her soon to be school colors.  I have always wanted to try knitting the ruffled yarn, but haven’t had the nerve.  I watched a couple tutorials on YouTube and started.  Here’s my second one in JMU colors for my daughter.

"JMU Ruffle Scarf"

Then I knit one with acrylic “team spirit” yarn.  This one was neat, but not quite so fun.  I hated knitting with the ruffle yarn at first, but now I’m addicted.  Guess quilting will take a back seat for a little bit until I get tired of knitting.  Thankfully my two kitties haven’t tried to get involved in the knitting.  They seem fascinated watching the yarn move, but have yet to introduce claws yet.  Thank goodness!  Here’s the second scarf.

"JMU Stripe Scarf"

Until next time, happy sewing, quilting (yes and even knitting),



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