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Christmas Projects 2013

Wow, I can’t believe I’m just now sharing with you my projects from this past Christmas.  With Spring just around the corner I wanted to get these posted before the warm Spring sun makes me forget about this cold, snowy winter.  My first project is OESD’s Christmas Lace Quilt Shop.  I have about five pieces from this collection stitched out and assembled.  The set is getting too large for my mantel, so this year they lived on the dining room table on top of a gold sparkle, lighted table runner my mom got me last Christmas.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of the “village” as it is now.  My sweet husband got me another piece so I will have to more additions to the collection hopefully by next year.  Here’s the quilt shop along with the lamp post.

Free Standing Lace Quilt Shop

Got to make a stocking for our newest kitty “Pippa” that joined our family last January.  She can almost fit in it!

"Pippa Stocking"

I made three table runners and a small Christmas Tree wall hanging that were gifts for family members.

"table runner 1"

"table runner 2"

"table runner 3"

"Christmas Tree Wall Hanging"

These cute mylar snowmen ornaments were for my quilt guild’s Christmas party ornament exchange.  They were so cute and fun to make.

"mylar snow people"

Here are a couple mini stocking my daughter and I made this year.  She stuffed them with small treasurers and they were gifts for her friends.

"mini Christmas Stockings"

These mylar angel ornaments went to my mom as a thank you for all she does.

"mylar angels 1"

"Mylar Angels 2"

I think that’s enough for one post.  I think I got all the Christmas stuff posted.

I really, really am going to break out the 830 and Bernina quilt frame in the very near future.  I have three quilts that need to be finished very soon.  My Bernina dealer gave me some tips on making my 830 a little less finicky.  I hope they work.

Until next time, happy sewing and quilting,



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  1. Thanks for following me

  2. Lynn Richards said:

    What were the tips. I leave my 820 exclusively on my quilt frame and it is extremely finicky

    • My biggest problem lately is with thread getting caught in the bobbin area (where I can’t remove it myself). I’ve had to start getting my 830 serviced about every 6 months. My dealer said she oils hers about after every 2-3 hours of sewing. I never do that. I do it when the machine tells me I have to. She said that really helps hers out for all types of sewing including frame work. I don’t think I know exactly the right spot to oil. I’ve watched YouTube tutorials on it. My dealer said to have the bobbin present itself, then manually turn the hand wheel until you see the small copper band on the top of the bobbin mechanism. She said one drop there does the trick. Also, I’ve found a strong pair of tweezers (not the ones that came with the machine) are needed for some of the sneaky hidden threads that get stuck in the bobbin area. The service tech at my dealer said the 800’s are famous for being tricky with stitch tension as they get older due to thread build up. I hate to service the machine that often, but if it keeps it running I guess I’ll do it. Good luck!

  3. Even late it is still eye candy to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

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