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Happy Retirement Quilt

I had the opportunity to make another memory quilt to honor a friend’s retirement.  Our good friend and choir director retired after many years of service this past September.  I found some fun photos of her ministry at our church and printed them on fabric for the blocks.  I embroidered the center block and the quilt label.  I found some interesting music fabric.  Her favorite color is yellow, but gold was as close as I got.  I digitized our church logo for the center square.  I hope she will enjoy it and remember us fondly in her retirement.

"Retirement Quilt"

Close up of one of the blocks when we sang at our church’s talent show a few years back.  Andrews Sisters watch out….”Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” has never been sung like this!

"Retirement Quilt Block Close Up"

I have a quilt loaded on my Bernina Quilt Frame.  Tomorrow the 830 will make the journey down the stairs and get loaded up.  I hope all goes well.  The machine has been cleaned by me and oiled.  I’m hoping for the best.  I do need to purchase some thread for the back of the quilt.  Still trying to find that perfect thread that works well with the 830 and the quilt frame.  Hope all goes well.  I will try and keep you posted as to how things go.

Tomorrow I plan on posting my last experience from this past fall with the quilt frame which was not such a good experience.  Learned a lot and realized my 830 really needed to be serviced before trying again.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,



Comments on: "Happy Retirement Quilt" (2)

  1. Thank you June. I am very happy that you shared your experience with your frame. I was just thinking about Bottom Line but hadn’t tried that yet. I’m heading to my local quilt shop today to get a few more threads to try. I truly feel my problems are my aging 830. I just have to keep it clean, lint free, oiled and happy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. So far have not had problems with the software, Quilt Motion or the frame. Just a finicky 830. Please continue to share with us any wisdom you have. What makes me suspicious is that when I first got the set up it worked beautifully. As time wears on, I’m having more tension and bobbin problems. I want to try Aurifil thread. I’ve had really good luck with it and YLI for free motion quilting on my Bernina 440. King Tut worked beautifully in the early days. I don’t think my thread is the problem, but I have to experiment with absolutely everything changed before I’m happy.


  2. Melinda I have an 820 on a bernina frame . After a lot of messing around my machine loves bottom line thread in the bottom and king tut on top. If you have problems with the software, talk to grace company first. They have been fantastic and solved my problems before bernina could solve them. I,’m happy to share my experiences with you and I’ve had lots of them!

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