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I spent Saturday quilting one of my many unfinished tops on my Bernina quilt frame.  I took my time and didn’t rush through things.  I also read my old notes, and made new ones.  I think the key to having success using the frame, Quilt Motion and my Bernina 830 is to do it on a regular basis.  Each time I finish another quilt, I learn something new.  I should be an expert by now don’t you think?  No, really I have not had as much experience as many of you out there.  Please chime in if you have something that has or hasn’t worked for you.  We would love to hear from you.

Here are some of the preparatory steps I took this time around that I feel helped it be a successful venture.  I made sure all the lint and thread remnants were gone from the bobbin area. I oiled the machine and I slowed the speed in the software down to slow (instead of medium). I found my perfect tension was 3.0 in the software. It didn’t seem to make a difference what I set the machine on. I also used a high quality thread in the bobbin (which goes against my cheap nature). I used Superior’s Masterpiece in the bobbin and King Tut for the top thread.

I was quite pleased with the results.  I did experiment a little between the first couple of rows with the tension.  I originally had it set to 3.5, but could see a tiny bit of the bobbin coming up to the top.

Here are a couple of photos of the quilting.  I guess I don’t know if the cleaning and oiling did the trick, or the slowing down the machine speed or the different thread.  All I know it is worked and I’m going with the same setup next time which is going to be very soon.  I’ve had a king-sized quilt top that needs to be quilted for a dear friend and I must get to it.  I am hoping the quilt isn’t too large for the frame.  I think it will just fit.  I’d hate to have to do it just on the 830 even with the large quilting space it has.

"Spring Garden Path Quilting"


"Close Up Quilting"

I’m so happy with the back that I’ll share the quilting with you.  Since I used the same color as the backing as the thread, it is a little hard to see the quilting.  I played around with the levels in Photoshop so hopefully you can see how nice it came out.  I did have an issue when the bobbin ran out.  I haven’t come up with a good way to change the bobbin without having to cancel the design so I can move the machine out to get to the bobbin.  When it ran out at the end.  I just left it in its locked position, and reached way in, changed the bobbin although it was painful and was able to retrace the design and get it lined up perfectly.  If any of you have tips on bobbin changing, I’d love to hear them.

"Back Quilting"

I have to mention a great new class I’m taking on Craftsy.com (love that website).  I’m taking Mimi Dietrich’s Finishing School:  Edges and Bindings.  Sure, I know how to bind a quilt, but I’ve never quite gotten the technique of that last joining of the binding ends.  I’ve always straight sewed them and never liked it.  Mimi shared her technique which is super easy (I got it right the first time) and I had a great seamless looking binding.  I love learning something new.  She has a lot of fun ways to add edging and such to a quilt binding to dress it up.  I also learned how to use the backing of the quilt as binding (haven’t tried it yet) but she made it look really easy.

Here’s the finished Spring Garden Path quilt.  I finished hand sewing the hanging sleeve just moments ago and it is ready to be displayed somewhere…just where is the question of the day.

"Spring Garden Path Quilt"

Until next time, Happy Sewing & Quilting,



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  1. I have completed over 25 quilts with quilt motion and my bernina 820. My success is with Superior bottom Line in the bobbin and King Tut on top with a 90 needle. Tension is set at 2.8. I’m my winter home so my frame is 1800 miles away, and I don’t remember how I changed the bobbin! but I don’t recall having a problem. I quilted 102″ wide. It just barely fits. I had to turn the quilt on the frame 3times in order to quilt the borders and the entire length,

    • Thanks June. That is great information. I am anxious to try Bottom Line. Just can’t buy any locally and will have to order on-line. I did have good luck with Superior Masterpiece. I have a large spool of Bottom Line but it is white and I haven’t had a quilt to match that yet. When I first got my set up. The pre-set tension in the software worked fine for me (I think it was 2.5). I really appreciate you sharing. I just put my king-sized quilt on the frame and it barely fits. The backing is 107″ and the quilt is about 103″. I’m hoping all goes well! Thanks for sharing!


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