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I’ve had this quilt finished for a while now, but couldn’t post about it until I delivered it to the new baby and her family.  Didn’t want to spoil the surprise.  This was the first time I’ve used a purchased design with Quiltmotion and the Bernina Quilt Frame.  It was successful.  I was a bit nervous, but I purchased three designs that weren’t too expensive if it didn’t work out.  Now I have the confidence they do work and can increase my library of designs.  There were a few snags along the way, but all in all it was a pretty good experience (or that’s what I remember from almost a month ago).  It might be like childbirth…you’d never quilt another quilt if you remembered all the pain!  I really have to be careful when setting my safe area.  I got the machine foot caught yet again and ripped a seam.  This time, I used steam a seam to try and fix the tear.  Then when I took the quilt off the frame, I did some tack down quilting.  I could tell where it was, but I’m not pointing it out.

Here’s the finished quilt.

"Ballerina Bear Baby Quilt"

The design was a continuous line design with a large and a small flower.  I quilted with Superior King Tut on the top and Superior Masterpiece in the bobbin. This seems to be a good thread combination.  I bought some new variegated thread at a recent quilt demonstration and am anxious to try it out on the frame.  Here are a couple close ups of the quilting design.  I did free motion for the borders.  I’ve found that to be easier, then trying to quilt on the frame right out to the edges of the quilt.  I’ve been experimenting with new free-motion designs.

"Ballerina Bear Super Close Up" "Ballerina Bear Close Up"

I want to get my chocolate quilt on the frame next and get that one finished.  I found a continuous line design of candies that I think will make a great design for this quilt.

Only two weeks until my daughter graduates from high school, so I’ll probably be silent for a bit.  I’ve been working on a lot of new projects though, some cute in the hoop wristlet cell phone bags, a new handbag, an apron for a graduation gift,  more knitted ruffle scarves and a challenge quilt for my guild plus two more Bright Stars quilts.  I need to plan my next new project.  I’m on a quest to sew up the many, many handbag and tote bag kits I’ve bought at various quilt shows.  I’ll call it my “bag of the month” project.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,



Comments on: "New Baby Quilt on the Frame" (2)

  1. I’m confused how your safe area is giving you trouble. Is it on the sides? Do you do a basting stitch across the top of your quilt and down both sides as you go? That will eliminate the foot from getting caught if you quilt off the edge of the quilt. I purposely quilt pantos into the margin every other row to avoid the design from repeating each row. Also, to change your bobbin thread, use “manual find.” This releases the carriage and it is easy to go back and find where you left off. Glad to hear the purchased deigns work for you. I have also had good luck with purchased designs. Keep Quilting.

    • Sorry, I should have been more descriptive in where I had my troubles. It is when I’m moving the platform, machine from the top left to the bottom right. I tend to speed and not pay attention…that’s where the foot caught a seam and ripped it out…don’t ask me how. I’m special and have done it twice. You’d think I’d learn to slow down. I wish the foot would be in the raised position when setting the safe area, but the software always lowers the presser foot and I don’t have a lot of clearance and thus have had a few accidents. Thanks for your tips! Those wonderful purchased designs are opening up whole new avenues. I’m so glad I got the courage to try them. I was getting bored with the few designs I like in Quilt Motion. Thanks for sharing with us.

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