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It seems like moments ago we watched our little girl get on the school bus for the first time to go to Kindergarten.  Today she had her last official school day of high school with only an exam left and a couple band rehearsals.  I’m happy for her so she can spread her wings and become her own person, but I still will miss that little girl.  Since graduation is less than two weeks away, I wanted to share with you my daughter’s graduation quilt.  I was looking around the house just yesterday at all the “graduation” quilts I’ve made for her.  Her first was preschool graduation and one of the first quilts I ever made.  Then the elementary school graduation quilt which were “art squares” of her artwork from each year.  For her middle school graduation, there is a beautiful Asian quilt that still hangs on her bedroom wall.

I wanted her to pick what she wanted for her high school graduation quilt with the hopes that she’d take it to college to feel a part of me with her.  I made this kit I bought at my local quilt shop from Timeless Treasures fabric.  I love the colors.  My daughter’s only request was that I put a soft backing on it so she could get good use out of it at college.  I found a navy Minkee fabric for the backing.

I did not put this quilt on the quilt frame for several reasons.  Reason #1, I didn’t want to chance the thickness of the Minkee.  Reason, #2 I only wanted to outline quilt each block so that the quilt wasn’t too heavy and kept the softness.   I used my Bernina 830 with a dual feed foot and this quilted like a dream with the thick layers.  I didn’t add a batting and just used the two layers of fabric.

Here’s the finished quilt.

"Graduation Quilt"

And here’s a close up of the blocks so you can see the wonderful detail of the butterflies.

"Graduation Quilt Close Up"

I made a couple in-the-hoop wristlet bags today, but can’t post them yet since they are graduation gifts for my daughter’s friends.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,



Comments on: "High School Graduation – How the Time Flies" (8)

  1. If I can be so bold as to say, don’t use warm and natural in your bed quilts–only use it in wall hangings. It is too stiff and dense for bed quilts with little drape. Consider heirloom 80/20, or quilters dream or even Soft and Bright (a Warm Company product available at Joann’s). I think you will be much happier with the feel of your quilts. Of course, my favorite is wool! The low loft poly works well with Minkee or Soft and Comfy (which is what Joann’s sell) . I don’t propose to be an expert on batting but I have quilted mega quilts and I know what I like my finished quilts to look and feel like. Especially those quilts I’ve done for competition require the perfect batting. Enjoy.

    • Thank you Melinda,I have quite a lot of quilt fabrics in my haberdashery shop in Nairobi, Kenya but  I have small butterflies. What I might do is cut butterflies on my accuquilt, I have a template.thanks again for the reply. You may like to go on my shop’s web site. It is www thewomanshop.net or thewomanshop.com

      • Sounds like a good idea to cut the butterflies and applique. I just went with the quick and easy way. Thanks for sharing your shop website. I’ll definitely check it out.


  2. I’ve quilted several quilts on the bernina frame with Quilt Motion and it handles beautifully. I use a very low loft polyester batting (the cheap stuff) Bottom Line thread in the bobbin and King Tut on top. I get superb results.

    • Thank you June. It is always good to hear positive feedback about what works on the frame. I haven’t had the courage to use any heavy batting on the frame. I like my quilts with low loft batting anyway. I usually use Warm & Natural cotton just out of habit and what is readily available at my local stores. Thanks again for sharing what works for you best.


  3. Awesome! How have you done the butterflies? My granddaughter loves butterflies and her 10th birthday coming up, I am sure she will like something like this one!

  4. Kundan Pattni said:

    Would be interesting how you made the butterflies . My grand daughter loves butterflies. I would love to do one for her. Your quilt is gorgeous
    I love it

    • I can’t take credit for the butterflies. They were pre-printed on the fabric. The collection is Tonga Painted Ladies by Timeless Treasures. It is a bit hard to find since it has been out a while. Here are some Google images of the fabrics in the collection.

      Good luck,



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