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Let’s Play Catch Up – It Has Been Way Too Long

This post is going to have a lot of different types of projects.  It has been so long since I’ve posted and many projects have come and gone.  Let’s rewind the clock back to August 2014.  I’m getting ready to send my one and only sweet daughter off to college and emotions are running high.  One of our co-workers was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months earlier.  We wanted to make her a comforting quilt to get her through the hard days ahead with surgery and treatments.  We made simple blocks with a place in the center for everyone in our company to sign well-wishes and prayers to her.  Here’s the quilt and a few close ups.

Pat Signature Quilt

Pat Signature Quilt Close UPPat Signature Quilt Border Close UP


Second project, before my daughter went off to college, she wanted to make a rug for her new dorm room to match her comforter set.  We went to our local Goodwill store and bought up a bunch of t-shirts.  She cut them into strips and rolled them up in balls.  Then she took three colors at a time and braided the rug.  My job was to sew together the braided rows into a circular rug.  It turned out really cute and she used it her first year of college in her dorm room.  Here’s the photo!

Abby Dorm Rug


Fast forward to the fall season.  My daughter and I had started a Halloween quilt together many years and due to crazy schedules, it got put on the shelf.  After she went to college, I wanted to finish it for her dorm bed for Halloween.  It was emotional dragging it back out, but I’m glad I did.  She enjoyed it during the Halloween season.  I also made a Halloween pillowcase/sham to go with it.

Halloween pillowcaseHalloween Quilt Close UPAbby Halloween Quilt

Another fun Halloween project was this machine embroidery free-standing lace coffin.  Lots of pieces, but way fun to put together and even more fun to decorate with!  This design was from OESD!

Free Standing Lace Coffin

For our annual Fall Fest meeting, I finished a quilt top of the raffle blocks I’d won at a previous full chapter meeting (I think it was the previous Spring Fest).  I may have already posted some of those blocks, but here’s the finished top.  It is on my “UFO to do List” that I plan on finishing this year.  I just need to decide if it needs a border to pull it all together and we’re off.

Raffle Block Close Up Raffle Block quilt

Prior to our Fall Fest our chapter got together to make pillowcases for charity (the chapter hosting the above Fall Fest event asked for these).  Our chapter made all these great pillowcases.  They took little time to make and were so much fun.  Plus it is always fun to have an excuse to get with your quilting friends and sew, sew, sew!

My pillowcases My pillowcases 2 Moonlighters Pillowcases More Moonlighters pillowcases

OK, enough for this time.  I’ll start up next time with the Christmas projects of that year.  Until next time, Happy Sewing & Quilting…




Bags, Bags and More Bags

I keep meaning to share another project with you, but life gets in the way.  There has been so much going on during the holidays and having my daughter home from college.  Her college marching band took a New Year’s trip to Rome, Italy so there was a lot of preparation for that in the days leading up to Christmas.  What an experience of a lifetime though.  My only regret is not getting to go with her.  Since I seem to be so slow in sharing, I’m going to combine a few items in this post.  Buckle your seat belts!

First was a purse that I had bought a kit for a few years back.  I kept getting the instructions out and then putting them back.  This year my goal was to sew up a lot of the purse/bag kits that I’ve bought at quilt shows over the years.  The first bag is the Manhattan bag made out of fun watermelon and strawberry fabrics.  This was a great purse to carry in those warm summer months we only dream about now in cold January.

Here are some photos.  Between the panels I did some decorative stitching with variegated thread which was a lot of fun.manhattan bagmanhattan bag 2manhattan bag 3


Next on the list was the “Mondo Bag” which was a fusible square kit.  This bag was really huge and I used half of a jelly roll to make all the squares for the bag.  This bag would make a good weekend or overnight bag.

mondo bag

Next bag kit to finish was this quilter’s tote.  The kit included pre-printed quilt related sayings.  I love this bag and use it to tote my projects and show n’tell to my quilt guild meetings.  Love the sewing theme fabric in this one.

quilters totequilters tote 2quilters tote 3

Last, but not least is another purse kit I bought on a quilt tour.  Love the purple colors of this bag and am using it now for fall and winter.

purple bagpurple bag inside

I’ll try not to go so long between posts next time, until then…

Happy sewing & quilting!


Even More Bright Stars Quilts 2014

Wow, I just realize it has been a long time since I’ve shared with you all.  May in fact.  I guess having a daughter about to graduate from high school takes priority.  We made it through graduation, summer and moving her to college.  That was the absolute hardest thing I have ever done.  Although we miss her terribly, she is flourishing and doing great on her own.  We are so very proud of her.  She is a member of the marching band at James Madison University–the Marching Royal Dukes.  We were able to see her perform for the first time last weekend at Family Weekend.  So proud.

"abby mrd photo"

That really isn’t my purpose for posting tonight, but I had to be a proud mom for a few minutes.  I have a huge list of projects to share with you, and hope I can get them posted in the near future.  Our quilt guild participates in Bright Star Quilt projects for a local preschool program.   It is so much fun making these quilts for the little ones who appreciate them so much.  Here are this year’s donations that I made.

"Bright Stars Quilt 1 2014""Bright Stars Quilt 2 2014"

Here are some close ups of the quilting.

"Bright Stars Quilt 1 Close Up""Bright Stars Quilt 2 Close Up"

Sorry this is short.  Just trying to get back into things.  I did free motion quilting on both of these, and played with some new designs I’ve learned in various forums and Craftsy.com classes.  Lots of things to come including a hallenge quilt from my guild, “Let the Good Times Roll”,  several more installments on my “bag of the month” project and some gifts I’ve made.  I have two friends having babies in the Winter, so will have those two quilts to share.  Also, I won some raffle blocks at our guild’s Springfest meeting and finally put them together last week.  Lots of fun projects.

Until next time, Happy Sewing & Quilting,


High School Graduation – How the Time Flies

It seems like moments ago we watched our little girl get on the school bus for the first time to go to Kindergarten.  Today she had her last official school day of high school with only an exam left and a couple band rehearsals.  I’m happy for her so she can spread her wings and become her own person, but I still will miss that little girl.  Since graduation is less than two weeks away, I wanted to share with you my daughter’s graduation quilt.  I was looking around the house just yesterday at all the “graduation” quilts I’ve made for her.  Her first was preschool graduation and one of the first quilts I ever made.  Then the elementary school graduation quilt which were “art squares” of her artwork from each year.  For her middle school graduation, there is a beautiful Asian quilt that still hangs on her bedroom wall.

I wanted her to pick what she wanted for her high school graduation quilt with the hopes that she’d take it to college to feel a part of me with her.  I made this kit I bought at my local quilt shop from Timeless Treasures fabric.  I love the colors.  My daughter’s only request was that I put a soft backing on it so she could get good use out of it at college.  I found a navy Minkee fabric for the backing.

I did not put this quilt on the quilt frame for several reasons.  Reason #1, I didn’t want to chance the thickness of the Minkee.  Reason, #2 I only wanted to outline quilt each block so that the quilt wasn’t too heavy and kept the softness.   I used my Bernina 830 with a dual feed foot and this quilted like a dream with the thick layers.  I didn’t add a batting and just used the two layers of fabric.

Here’s the finished quilt.

"Graduation Quilt"

And here’s a close up of the blocks so you can see the wonderful detail of the butterflies.

"Graduation Quilt Close Up"

I made a couple in-the-hoop wristlet bags today, but can’t post them yet since they are graduation gifts for my daughter’s friends.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,


New Baby Quilt on the Frame

I’ve had this quilt finished for a while now, but couldn’t post about it until I delivered it to the new baby and her family.  Didn’t want to spoil the surprise.  This was the first time I’ve used a purchased design with Quiltmotion and the Bernina Quilt Frame.  It was successful.  I was a bit nervous, but I purchased three designs that weren’t too expensive if it didn’t work out.  Now I have the confidence they do work and can increase my library of designs.  There were a few snags along the way, but all in all it was a pretty good experience (or that’s what I remember from almost a month ago).  It might be like childbirth…you’d never quilt another quilt if you remembered all the pain!  I really have to be careful when setting my safe area.  I got the machine foot caught yet again and ripped a seam.  This time, I used steam a seam to try and fix the tear.  Then when I took the quilt off the frame, I did some tack down quilting.  I could tell where it was, but I’m not pointing it out.

Here’s the finished quilt.

"Ballerina Bear Baby Quilt"

The design was a continuous line design with a large and a small flower.  I quilted with Superior King Tut on the top and Superior Masterpiece in the bobbin. This seems to be a good thread combination.  I bought some new variegated thread at a recent quilt demonstration and am anxious to try it out on the frame.  Here are a couple close ups of the quilting design.  I did free motion for the borders.  I’ve found that to be easier, then trying to quilt on the frame right out to the edges of the quilt.  I’ve been experimenting with new free-motion designs.

"Ballerina Bear Super Close Up" "Ballerina Bear Close Up"

I want to get my chocolate quilt on the frame next and get that one finished.  I found a continuous line design of candies that I think will make a great design for this quilt.

Only two weeks until my daughter graduates from high school, so I’ll probably be silent for a bit.  I’ve been working on a lot of new projects though, some cute in the hoop wristlet cell phone bags, a new handbag, an apron for a graduation gift,  more knitted ruffle scarves and a challenge quilt for my guild plus two more Bright Stars quilts.  I need to plan my next new project.  I’m on a quest to sew up the many, many handbag and tote bag kits I’ve bought at various quilt shows.  I’ll call it my “bag of the month” project.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,


Candy Quilts Galore

OK, so I just realized (OK maybe I’ve known for a while), I’m a candy fabric-aholic.  Yep, that’s me.  I love candy fabric of all types.  It started when I first started quilting and I bought a kit to make a bubble gum machine quilt.  It morphed from the original quite a bit, but I finally finished this quilt in 2013.  It hangs above my computer in my home office.  The bright colors and candy make me smile (and want to snack). Here’s Bubble Gum Machine Madness.

"Bubble Gum Machine Madness Quilt"

My dearest quilting friend moved to the West coast quite a few years back.  She sent me a ton of 5″ squares of what else…candy fabric…you guessed it!  I finally got things together and made this quilt top.  I want to get it finished and find another place here in my office to hang it.  It was such fun to make and my daughter helped me layout all the blocks.  The sashing and outer borders are made from this cute candy kiss fabric I found at my local quilt shop, Cottonwood, in Charlottesville, VA.  Love this quilt!

"Candy Kisses Quilt"

My chapter of our local quilt guild started a block exchange this year.  We’ve had a lot of fun since August 2013 making the blocks that each member has requested.  I never thought it would be this much fun.  I am going to share all the blocks I’ve made for others in another post.  This is relevant to this post, because my exchange block month was December and guess what I had everybody make?  You guessed it.  I had been collecting Christmas candy fabric, so I gave everybody a nice size piece of Christmas candy fabric.  My only requirement was a 9″ finished block with the candy fabric being the primary focus.  Wow, I got some amazing blocks.  I’m still waiting on a couple, so once I get them they will get a post all to themselves.  I have some ideas for sashing and putting it all together, but don’t want to do that until I have all the blocks.  Can’t wait to share them with you.  We have some extremely talented ladies in our guild.

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting,



T-Shirt Quilt Number 2

Ok, so I’m a bit behind in letting you all know what’s been up with my sewing projects.  Time sure does get away from you.  I thought for sure when school was out things would settle down, but I was completely mistaken in that notion.  So to make up for lost time, here goes.  Back in May, I finished my second t-shirt quilt project with Chautauqua shirts from the 1990’s.  This was a completely different project than the first t-shirt quilt.  I found a pattern at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show this past February that I really liked.  It was so different from the other t-shirt patterns I’d seen.  It is “Quilted to a “T” by Little Black Dog Quilt Co.  I had to adapt several things to make it work for the set of shirts I had.  I had to make all the dimensions of the quilt larger so it ended up being another large quilt.  My goal was to finish it to give to my mom on Mother’s Day, and I just made that goal.  I was doing the last hand sewing on Friday night before we left on Saturday.

My home church has a Spring Women’s Banquet and this year’s theme was quilting.  I thought what better time to give the quilt to my mom.  She was already displaying the t-shirt quilt I made last year, so I thought its sister quilt would make a good addition.  The decor for this banquet was exquisite.  There were all sorts of quilts and some of them served as table cloths for the banquet tables (under heavy plastic of course).  I think my mom liked this new t-shirt quilt more than the last one.  I got to bring last year’s t-shirt quilt home to display and she kept the new one.

My favorite part of this t-shirt quilt pattern was the wonky settings of the t-shirt blocks.  The t-shirt preparation and block sewing was very similar to the first quilt I made.  I used 1/4″ Steam a Seam 2 to finish the borders on the blocks which would be appliqued to the main base of the quilt.  I learned several valuable lessons which I’ll share with you in case you ever make a project like this.  First I would take the fabric quilt base and tape it down to a table like I would when I baste the quilt.  Since I didn’t do that, the background had ripples in it from time to time.  Also instead of pinning the blocks to the “base”, I would use basting spray or something more permanent.  When I was quilting the project, some of the pins would come loose and the blocks would have to be pinned down again and some had ripples.  Also, I got a lot of pin sticks in my fingers.  I’d like to avoid that next time.  You really can’t see when looking at the finished quilt, but the quilter always knows.

Here’s the finished quilt.  It took me a while to find the fabrics I wanted to use, then decide which order I wanted them in.

"T-Shirt Quilt 2"

Here’s a close up of a couple of the blocks.

"T-Shirt Quilt 2 Close Up"

And last, here’s a photo of the sister t-shirt quilts on display at the banquet.

"Twin T-Shirt Quilts"

Here’s a teaser of things to come.  I have the January – July blocks finished for the 2013 Craftsy.com block of the month quilt.  I made a small purse from a kit I bought at a show last year, a baby quilt for a friend who is having a baby and one of the quilts I shared with you all a while back that needed to be finished.  I did free-motion quilting on my Bernina 440.  My 830 came back from the shop and seems to be OK, but it still doesn’t like BSR quilting.  The thread kept breaking.  I went back to my old standby 440.  I am hoping the two weeks my daughter has band camp this summer, to mount the 830 on the Bernina Quilt frame and tackle my huge box of pieced tops.  I hope that will happen.  If not, there’s always next time right?

Until next time, happy sewing & quilting!